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Utility Rates API

Searching out electric and gas rates from deregulated providers across the country!

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Your Digital Twin

Dynamasys & Fetch.ai smart contracts.
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Utility Rates API

Utility rates and more!

Dynamasys gathers and maintains utility rate data from states across the nation that provide deregulated energy pricing. We keep up with the changing rates and provide access to these rates via our API (Advanced Programming Interface) to our registered partners. We also provide this data to our Digital Twin© system so they can help our members find their best rates!

Autonomous Economic Agents©

We utilize the Fetch.ai ($FET) artificial intelligence agents framework to learn and understand your energy needs, which helps us find the the best energy rates for you, for your state. With your permission, we can create a "smart contract" with the utility supplier "automagically" so you know that you are getting the best rate possible.

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