Your Digital Twin


Autonomous Economic Agents© (AEA)


Our AEA is your Digital Twin!

Your Digital Twin is constantly monitoring the internet, saving you money! Your AEA keeps track of your utility contracts and can notify you when your current rate is ready to expire, or if the supplier is Web3 enabled, your AEA can authorize and sign a new "smart contract" on your behalf. You don't need to do anything. You will be notified when this takes place.

When your Digital Twin finds your best rate, we make it easy for you to lock in that rate with a "Smart Contract". Smart Contracts, built on next generation Web3 technology, is the decentralized way of doing business now. No more "Middle Men" trying to take their piece of the pie. You work directly with the supplier, which saves you time and money.

Your Digital Twin is always looking out for you. Saving you money and time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.