The Team


Jay Hawkins



I created Dynamasys for two reasons. To meet a need, and to learn. I have been frustrated with trying to find the lowest rates for my utilities (electric & gas). I am very familiar with deregulated utility providers, and the many supply options available. There are a plethera of providers to choose from. Although this can be beneficial, it can also be seemingly frustrating. With choice, comes a lot of data to sift through. So, I decided to start pulling data feeds from the state and create a searchable database to make it easier to sort and order the current rates for all the providers who service my area. And, if you know anything about software developers, you'll know that we like to share our code with others. I figured, I have the data, why not make it available to others via an API, so other developers and the community at large can access it, and make the world a better place.

The second reason is, I want to learn the new Web3 technologies. Having engineered "centralized" Web1 and Web2 solutions, it's time to move on with newer "decentralized" Web3 development. Web3 is the technology built on blockchain technology and is decentralized, meaning it runs on computer systems throughout the world. No one person, government or private business owns it.

I wanted to use this new technology to help common people. I have spent my career building applications for business or government, and finally got to the point where I could build something helpful that anyone could use. So, I looked for a system or development framework I could use that would give me the ability to let the application use the data I'm gathering to make life easier for everyone else. I have found that in Fetch is an artificial intellegence framework and Web3 system that can be configured to become your Digital Twin. With this Digital Twin, the application runs and looks for your providers "best rate". Once your best rate is found, your Digital Twin can even sign a "smart contract" between you and the provider, all on your behalf!